Additional Services

Arbitration, Mediation:

Arbitration and conciliation in construction disputes. Accredited  with

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

BER certs for new and existing dwellings.
Advice on how to reduce heating and energy bills.
How to improve energy rating and increase the value of your property.

Title Maps:

Title maps for new and existing properties, declarations of identity, legal documents.

Project Management:

On-site contract administration, project management, design team leadership.

Health and Safety:

  • RIAI accredited PSDP
  • Preparation of preliminary H&S Statements and Plans.


  • Design guides for Local Authorities
  • Planning appeals
  • Planning law.

Building Regulations:

  • Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate applications.
  • Assessment of compliance with Building Regulations and Planning Permission.
  • Advice on HSW requirements.


  • Conservation reports for listed buildings and buildings in ACAs
  • Condition reports on older structures and advice on upgrading


Stage Inspections & Payment Certificates:

Approved member of panel for lending institutions to carry out stage inspections for mortgage purposes.

Snag Lists:

Preparation of snaglists prior to occupation of buildings.

Condition Reports:

Preparation of condition reports on buildings and schedules of improvement works.
Schedules of dilapidations on structures pre-construction.

NEW: We now use thermal imaging to diagnose problems with buildings and advise on remedies