Samples of the type of issues which are covered in consultations regarding existing or new building as follows:

Existing Building Audits:

  • Energy use and conservation
  • How to reduce heating and energy bills.
  • How to improve energy rating and increase the value of your home or office.
  • Passive solar energy.
  • thermal images of structures to identify problems


  • Condition Report on building.
  • Schedule of repairs, enhancing the value of a building.
  • Conservation advice on older structures and elements.

Interior Design:

  • Storage Solutions.
  • Layouts to maximise space.
  • Creating sense of space and colour.
  • Maintenance and appropriate finishes.
  • Effective Lighting.

New Building:

  • Assistance in drawing up brief for new works
  • Needs of client, users of building.
  • Budget considerations.
  • Sustainability and energy issues
  • Features of the site to be maximised.
  • Limitations of the site to be considered.
  • Planning considerations and policies.
  • User comfort.
  • Aesthetics of building and desired finishes.


  • Needs assessment and projections.
  • Budget.
  • Planning considerations.
  • Creating light and space.
  • Maximise sunshine and view.
  • New uses / conversions of old buildings.

Gardens, Open Space & Landscaping:

  • Extend Inside out.
  • Create suntraps and shelter.
  • Make an outdoor room.
  • Provision of carparking.
  • Site Lighting + Services.